Our template, your method.

We want to support you teaching as you; we want to support your message and provide you with all the tools to get it out there.

We provide the content

Custom made lesson books to provide to all students, along with hundreds of unique lesson sheets to help with your existing teaching method

We find you students

Our marketing team will do all the leg work when it comes to finding your students to both ensure that you have a strong flow of lessons, and also that you get to focus on the most important thing – sharing your passion.

Teach as you

We don’t tell you how to teach – we don’t want to turn anyone into a scripted cold caller. We want your energy, your attitude and your flair in every lesson, we just give you the materials to assist with your design.

Join our community

Nationwide network of tutors to share ideas with, learn from and socialise together. We know that teaching an instrument can feel pretty lonely – we want to change that for our industry’s future.

Hone their sound

What our students say

“I’m a relatively new student, but my lessons so far have been excellent. The lessons are tailored for the end goals I want to achieve with useful learning resources and printouts. Chris explains everything in a straightforward way and manages to keep up with my continuous questioning so that I learn and understand each objective thoroughly. I can also email Chris when I have questions during the week and he’s always quick to respond.”

~ Abigail C.

“Where do I start! Chris is a fantastic teacher, down to earth, easy-going, understanding and genuinely wants you to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve. If you want to really be pushed to your maximum ability he will get you there! If you are looking for some light extra practice he can also help you. Chris will adapt to what you want to learn not the other way around, which has happened to me in the past!
Get in touch with him and I’m sure he’ll be able to help!”

~ Alfie S.

“Chris’s musical credentials need little introduction as a performer with a detailed knowledge and understanding of all musical genres, techniques and learning styles. His outstanding skill is in hooking into the interests of his pupils and to instil in them a love of music and the joy of learning and playing pieces. His enthusiasm is infectious and his ability to encourage his students to go beyond their own expectations is impressive. My wife and I know first-hand from our daughter Chris talks to students about what they want to achieve and to set them goals that will stretch them. I am sure Chris is able to put even the most nervous player at ease and to relax into playing and to make it fun. Our daughter’s musical abilities on the guitar have and will continue to blossom under Chris’s guidance and it is wonderful to hear her play pieces that she has worked through with Chris. Chris is a very gifted teacher.”

~ Kevin T.


We’re a passionate group of tutors who are determined to help make the UK’s musical future the best it can be. Read more about our history and our goals:

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